CADUCEUS: The new blockchain and metaverse protocol completes its first hackathon

Caduceus, the world’s first blockchain and protocol designed to provide the building blocks of the metaverse, announces the successful completion of their first hackathon – and announces they will launch their second on Sunday March 27.

Caduceus ($CMP) is the new blockchain and metaverse protocol which will provide the infrastructure layer of web3 after its launch later this year.

The first hackathon has now been completed and no exploits of the RPC Caduceus blockchain API were found. Some minor infrastructure security issues were discovered by two Cadets – members of the Caduceus community who are working with the development team to build the tools that will enable the dreams of the metaverse to become the realities of many.

Caduceus Co-Founder and CTO, Matt McGuire, says: “We’re delighted to see how the Cadets responded to our call out to join us in the first hackathon and now we’re looking for a deeper exploration and penetration of the blockchain tech and tools.”

For that reason we are looking to engage a wider audience with even deeper technical skills to tackle and hack wider parts of the blockchain technical setup and infrastructure. We’re asking developers to investigate and hack the blockchain system and functions – to focus on exploiting the Caduceus RPC server for system vulnerabilities and Web3 JSON RPC APIs, and also allow complete API scope to find exploitations.”

Caduceus ($CMP) is developing a suite of developer toolkits that create a rich environment for metaverse development enabling the building, financing and cross chain portability of 3D worlds and digital assets from metaverse to metaverse – all from a decentralised, fully modular, open access blockchain with lower transaction costs, higher speeds and greater security than any other public blockchain.

Caduceus will become a place to meet, play, create, transact and participate in everything the metaverse has to offer,” continues CTO Matt McGuire. “We are proud to offer this opportunity for Cadets to get involved who share our vision of creating the tools today to build tomorrow’s virtual world.”

About Caduceus

Caduceus is the home of the future, the provider of the building blocks of the metaverse and the enabler of the digital world where the dreams of science fiction become the realities of many.

Caduceus is an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform specially built for the metaverse and the decentralised digital world. Caduceus utilises XR extended-reality technology to bring developers, creators, and users an unrivalled metaverse experience.

Founded and financed by a group of international investors, Caduceus has brought together a range of talent to oversee this ambitious project including Ander Tsui, the co-Chair of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association who has advised the UN on crypto and NFTs; Tim Bullman, CEO, who has owned and managed businesses in the regulated and capital markets for 30 years, and Creative Director, Craig Jensen, an art world entrepreneur.

Caduceus is a developer-friendly, easy-to-use underlying public chain platform that comes with its own complete set of development tools.

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