Web3 Decentralized Identifier QPassport live on Ethereum Mainnet now!

Web3 Decentralized Identifier QPassport officially debuts on Ethereum Mainnet on March 22, 2022 (UTC).

The following 4 functions are now supported by Ethereum-based QPassport:

  • Claiming Ethereum-based QPassport, your decentralized identity on the blockchain:
  • Authorizing third-party DApps to login with QPassport;
  • More avatar choices (by developers) are available for you to customize QPassport;
  • Allowing more NFT projects (721Land, Loot, mLoot, CryptoPunks) to showcase.

With the launch of qpassport.io on Ethereum Mainnet, you can now explore and customize your Ethereum-based decentralized digital identity (QPassport), which will be serving as your passport into the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum has a wide range of applications covering various fields such as DeFi, DEX, GameFi, collectibles, marketplace, supply chain, development tools, ID, governance, infrastructure, and ERC standards.

As we’re entering a new Web3 era, the problems like “an account only for an application”, “unrelated on-chain actions among DApps”, and “easier information leakage” become increasingly prominent. QPassport, as a decentralized digital identifier, helps solve these problems by allowing users to login to different Ethereum DApps easily, accumulate on-chain experience and credits continuously, and store and manage data in a secure and highly-efficient way.

Early in January 2022, QPassport released a beta version on the PlatON Mainnet. The launch of QPassport on Ethereum Mainnet marks the official multi-chain development of QPassport, which will greatly optimize your on-chain digital identity experience.

Please stay tuned for more to come!

About QPassport

QPassport is a decentralized identifier (DID) of web3.0. Empowered by blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technology, we aim to build a digital identity, credit and data storage, and management system featuring security, openness, and decentralization. The fundamental goal of QPassport is to build a community-governed QPassportDAO together with users.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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